Specify group in import file

I can appreciate the current import functionality but I’d like to request a feature improvement:

The ability to map a column from the import data to specify which Group items should be imported into.

It doesn’t need to be required, I can see the benefit of having it go into a new group, but for a more advanced experience, being able to cut out the step of moving items to the correct groups would be a time saver.

I need this feature as well! All we need is the option to map one column by exact name to a group name in monday.com.

I repeatedly import an excel file into a board once a week. Currently when the item exists, it will overwrite and stay in the group I have manually moved it to, but if a new item occurs, it creates a new group by the exact name of my file.

Specifying groups would be a game changer!

This feature would also be helpful when wanting to update a particular group of items (utilizing the override). Right now it will override all items with same identifier on the board. It would be great to be able to import directly to a group and have it only override the items in that group.

+1 would really love to see this feature