Stacked Charts On Multiple Boards

The stacked charts are a fantastic addition as I can now show the number of leads (pulses) added each month, stacked by leadsource (dropdown). That’s a huge win so thanks…

My only concern is were adding circa 1000 leads a year, the pipeline board we use will in time become too large. I was thinking I’d like to move the won/lost pulses onto a seperate board every quarter or so to prevent that from becoming an issue. The only problem is any of those closed leads moved would no longer appear in my dashboard as stacked charts only pull data from one board.

Is this something you’re hoping to change at any point so stacked charts can pull data from multiple boards?

I could use a normal chart and see my leads generated but having that also stacked by leadsource would be amazing. Even better If I could filter between dates in a date field on dashboard widgets, I could create dashboard widgets for each quarter or year too :slight_smile:

Hi @Jack! I was having the same issue with my board of leads. When i close a deal… the lead moves to another board called “closed deals” but then i lost the chance to visualize my entire char of “non closed” and “closed leads”. My solution was to change the automation and instead of moving the lead i just automate it to “Create Pulse in Board”. That way when we close a deal, the deal just goes to another group named “closed deals” instead of changing of board. The the automation creates a new deal in antoher board called “closed deals”. Hope it works for you.

Hi @V.B.Music thanks for that. The issue i’d still be concerned about is my main board would still contain all the leads and I’m never clearing them so in time there will be so many pulses in there it will become too large.

If the stacked charts could pull data from multiple boards like regular charts this would solve the issue completely as I could move closed leads onto a new board every year or so and adjust the chart to also include those pulses.

It would be great to know if this is planned or not so we can rule it out and focus on finding an alternative.