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Sorry for this basic question, and I feel like I know this already and I just can’t remember, but what does the Board icon mean on the nav panel where it shows three stacked lines, rather than the Main, Shared, or Private Board icon?
Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 14.21.13

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@Matt_Frost I noticed this too, and have the same question. It didn’t show up in my other monday account, so I didn’t understand what it means.

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I have this question as well, I took it to support and didn’t get a clear answer either. Would be interested to know what these icons mean for different boards

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What did they tell you?

They said it was a board created by a different person, but that is not the case for my board, so it doesn’t seem to be the correct answer as many boards are created by others that have the regular icon, and the boards that do have the three lines are not created by others.

Ooh I asked this too and unfortunately I don’t remember the full response but I think it was a standalone board vs. a board that is part of a portfolio?

Still haven’t managed to figure this out out yet :frowning:

Wondering the same thing, did anyone manage to figure it out?

I have same question. This icon appeared for single project board created from the template but it doesn’t show for any other boards created from templates.

I think I figured it out: it’s a duplicated board.

Hmmmm I just tried that and I still get the regular box icon.

So far I’ve tried:
From a template
2-way connected board
1-way connected outwards
1-way connected inwards
Has a Gant View (really thought I was on to something with that one)
Included on a dashboard

Nothing lol

Okay - I talked to support today and this is what I got. I think we solved the mystery:

The stacked-line icon represents a old version of a “project” - you can’t create these from scratch anymore (they don’t show up as an option under “Add new”). I can only create boards, dashboards and docs. You will only see the stacked line icon if you create a new board from a template that uses this old “project” type. recently released a new “portfolio solution” that’s being rolled out to work management and pro users. I don’t have it yet, but when I do, I’ll be able to create projects, but these will be new versions of projects and have a different icon (looks square-ish, not the stacked lines).

Info on the Portfolio Solution:


Wow, this thread is a real detective story on the stacked line board icon mystery! Just when you think you’ve got it, there’s another twist. Kudos to Catherine for finally cracking the code with support. It’s a bit nostalgic to learn those icons are from an older version of ‘project’ boards. Can’t wait to see how the new portfolio solution changes things up!

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