Standard Sub-Items

Dear Monday, There are certain types of items that have a standard set of sub-items. For example, for the items “New equipment A”, we will have the sub-items: 1) expedite delivery 2) receive equipment documentation 3) register equipment into database, etc, etc. I would like to have a template task and then copy it.

…Hmm… Now that I am writing this down, I think I can already make duplicates of items (hopefully with their sub-items). More later to confirm this works.

In the meantime, this idea is a huge productivity idea & would help many other companies. Please do advertise & communicate more.


HI Monday, The ‘duplicate item’ for items with sub-items works!! I’m dancing!! This is so huge. Please do communicate this feature, as it is a huge time-saver & standardizes work processes. Thanks!! Have a Blessed Day!

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