Starring Items for a focused today list

I want to quickly “star” items so that I can quickly see a list of starred items.
Kind of a “Today’s items to focus on” list.
how can this be done?
Thank you!

Hi Dan!

Unfortunately I do not believe what you are asking for is currently possible.

Closest thing that comes to mind is either adding a Priority Column or a Checkbox Column possibly titled ‘‘Needs to be done today?’’.

I hope this is close enough to what you are looking for.

You could also possibly submit an idea here so that the monday team may see it.

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Hi Dan @dmintz
Welcome to the community

There are a few other options that spring to mind

  1. Use a Tag Column, Tag items with a certain tag, this tag can then be returned in the quick search to pull back all them items
  2. Add ** to the start of the item name, You can just search ** using quick search to return all items in one view that have ** in the name
  3. Add a ratings column, this will allow you to star from 1 to 5, then you can search/filtered to return those items

The one that I know gets used by others is option 2
Hope this provides a solution for you
If you need any additional help, just let me know
Many thanks in advance