Start and end time in date column

Adding my voice to this request. Want to be able to have a calendar showing booking time of facilities and a start to end ability for each booking - shown on the calendar - is essential.

Hello All

Really could use this feature as well please !


Hi everyone! I’m excited to let you know that our developers have this on the roadmap, and we are hoping to roll out an improved version of the Date column later this year. Stay tuned for updates later on. And thanks so much for all your feedback. It’s been so helpful for our team :pray::heart:


Thanks for the reply, @zaneta!

To be honest, managing time properly with Monday boards is something that I’ve been trying to do for a full year now to no avail. This could potentially really help. Any way we can get a bit better insight into anticipated timeline of beta/release? (an estimated range would be fine)

I’m about to go shop for a time tracking/calendar integration tool fairly soon…I’ve been holding out for to work out some kinks and improve functionality. I just can’t wait forever…

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@escufca and @zaneta

If you find a good calendar integration I would be very interested in this! We have a multi use venue with different groupings of spaces with interdependencies. The Kanban option might help but honestly isn’t robust enough for what we need. Even if Monday cannot do calendarizing it would be great if they could partner with some apps that can do venue management- resource allocation by room and time, interdependencies, etc. And all of this needs to support the dashboard view so we can aggregate multiple project boards.



Please update the status of this feature?

@zaneta Hi, this feature is really highly requested. Is there any update?
If it’s a problem of resources, please forward my contact ( to the PO and i can develop this feature in a day…


We desperately need this feature too. We use monday to set up meetings so that everyone can sync to their own calendar and we need to change the duration for each meeting.

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So, it’s not just me that thought this was a glaring feature missing. How difficult is it to just HIGHLIGHT the timeframe from the start and end dates and times?? That’s all we’re asking for and it’s ridiculous that it isn’t standard in the first place. Even more ridiculous that people have been requesting this simple feature for YEARS. Wth Monday??

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Jumping in on this thread - having a similar issue. We want to sync our vacation board with Outlook but without a start and stop time option, this isn’t going to work. It would make most sense if ‘add time’ was included in the timeline column - similar to how a start time is added to the deadline column. When will be launching this feature?

Thank you for this update! Any chance I could get the BETA added to my platform??