Start and end time in date column

Hi @Matias.Monday
We are getting close to 3 years since this post was added. If there is still no ETA of when this will be implemented, can you at least tell us if “Add end time in date column” is on someones todo list in your office?
Can you tell us how you at the monday-com office deal with meetings or happenings that last more than 30min? Do we have to use google calendar?




Hello @DenstadConsulting!

This feature is in our teams list for requested features but it looks like it will probably not be implemented soon.

What do you need a meeting for and with whom?

With this information I will have more context to let you know how to ask for that meeting.



We have work that way, but is not the same…when yo have big boards adding a column sometimes it’s to much and in calendar doesnt help that much, its to open for interpretations.

It would be great we could have the other possibility. It would make our lives easier.

What a bummer to hear this one is not a priority! We have been asking for this one for years as well as it would greatly improve our ability to use Monday. I hope you can help float this to the top because there are no viable workarounds to use the calendar feature with these 30-minute meetings. Please help! :pray:


Hello all!

I have let our team know about your votes towards this feature being implemented :slightly_smiling_face:



This would be a great feature and is actually holding up one of my companies from using
Even in this article, method 2 doesn’t even make sure without durations. You’ll see every example is 30 mins, which just isn’t practical. It makes little sense to assume that every task will only be a 30 minute duration, particularly when scheduling your day. I am a little surprised such a basic and crucial feature has no plans of being implemented, even after almost 3 years since this was first logged. I will be sticking with Asana and Resource Guru until this is implemented.
If you could push for this, that would be tremendously appreciated.

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Hey Monday team,
This is such a critical feature. What do we need to do to bring it forward on the dev roadmap?


Another use case for this is that it would make resource scheduling more functional. For example I have some resources (specific function computers, rooms, and specialized employees) that cannot be double booked without serious consequences.
Being able to block out time for those resources tremendously reduces the risk of double booking scarce and specialized resources.

It’s sort of the same idea as with the new duration combo where duration of days is determined in the numbers column, and the dates are represented in a date column.

Even if this were a column combo feature, where instead of days, the duration column is hours, the time column is the start time, and the date is the day it’s all happening, I’d be more than happy about it!



Hello @KatieB and @Nordbadger !

Thank you for the feedback!

I understand how this is a feature that can be very beneficial.

I have added your votes to the request.

Our team has it and each vote is taken into account :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi Monday!

Want to rais my hand and support this, as I just found out that this feature is not available and really makes it hard to plan projects based on time slots. The calendar view is worthless without the simple possibility to choose start and end-time in the date column. This is souch a crusial fuction for all time management, and I need to say that I’m really dissapointed that this fuction is not available at this moment, and even more when I saw that this has been requested for years.

Please add my vote on this request to the team!


3 years for a core function


We need this. We have a board for tracking when we’re unavailable due to appointments or vacation days. We can’t even attempt to use Monday to visually track actual meetings or tasks within the workday. With an end time, I could set up a formula column to calculate and track how many PTO hours we each have left. We could even figure out when to do our “quiet” tasks so that there isn’t a conference call happening at the next desk over.

I see that I can highlight a time slot on the hourly calendar view, but it will snap back up to the beginning when I let go. So close to being useful!

Basic feature missing here…


Agreed on all points with @Amy.K and so many others in this thread. I’ve been watching the calendar view for a long time but essentially never using it outside of monthly view because the primary function I’d want it for, blocking out tasks throughout the day in those big old empty time slots visible in weekly or daily views, is basically non-functional.
Creating start and stop bookends with a large gap in between isn’t really a solution, especially if I have multiple tasks being run by my team over the same period with different overlapping schedules. At this stage, the only thing I really use the calendar view for is a TOR calendar that I built, and even then, I use the timeline column type because date and time aren’t helping me and timelines can account for multiple days. So the end result is that no matter what, I end up with a calendar view that just shows items lined up along the top… Thus I opt for only ever using the Monthly view to at least approximate what the time off is like for my team, with different table groups used to help color in the different types so that the calendar view is clearer.

@Matias.Monday having just read through this whole thread and becoming more and more disheartened at how often this item has been requested, briefly acknowledged by someone at Monday and then nominally forwarded along for review, only for it to continue to languish and nothing to happen or to even get any sort of regular update on a timeline of when we could hope to see something happen (outside of early last year), I’m beginning to lose a bit of faith that any feature requests or feedback will actually amount to anything (Especially as I’ve read over a few other threads that have gone on about as long without any real action or response, and the only example of a roadmap - for subitems - that we have access to is almost done). Though I will say you have definitely been the champion so far at consistently checking back in and responding, so kudos on that.

I guess you can add my vote (and another 15-20 or so from my coworkers) to the growing army of +1s in support of getting this functionality added in, even if it just involves rewriting the code entirely from the ground up for that column type to be more flexible, as each response on the current implementation so far makes it sound like it’s not feasibly possible, and isn’t just a matter of allotting time to this.


Hello @khalidb and @EMorton!

I have sent this feedback directly to our team as I have also added your votes to it :slightly_smiling_face:

I can not share with you an ETA since I do not have one at the moment.

We only announce features or their ETAs when it is absolutely certain they are going to be released in a specific moment.

I hope I can share some news about this in the near future!



Here to re-iterate everyones point and add to the vote, the date column definitely needs that duration attribute & we need it quickly

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I find it peculiar that this feature is not in place yet. This is imperative to have monday sync with calendars. As is now, everything is scheduled as a one hour event.
This feature have a lot of votes and I don´t see how this is not a feature every user of monday would want. Calendar view and sync with external calendars are useless withiut this functionality.

Is it possible to share if this is on a pipeline somewhere? Is it beeing worked on, is this a feature you are planning to add in the future?

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Hello @bjornheldaas!

If I told you an ETA on this, I would be lying and I do not want to do that.

This is a known feature request the team has but I do not have any updates on it. So I would not count on this happening anytime soon since it is not in the near future’s roadmap.



This would be really helpful. I’m trying to set training sessions for a New Hire in a board, but the only thing I can do is to set up 1 hour sessions. It’d be great if you implemented this feature.