Start and end time in date column

Question… You noted that the team has this request on their plates, but you can’t provide any likely updates or timetables because it’s not in the near future’s roadmap… Is there a place where we can view that roadmap now? I know that it’s been something that has been mass-requested for a while (including by myself) and near as I can tell, outside of the massive thread talking about a need for additional transparency from Monday, the latest update or request about visible roadmap functionality was from yourself in this thread here about finding the Roadmap.

Is there any possible update yet on being able to see some form of roadmap, even just a faint hint of visuals as to what the dev team has on their radar (like this one), if not the things that they’re actively working on? I know I’m not the only one here who would take a simple public table like the one for the Subitem Support Plan that doesn’t given any real time tables beyond the anticipated release window and a sense of the current overall status and priority.

So yeah, you’ve mentioned that something is in the works, but is it possible to throw us a bone here? Give us the scraps if nothing else?


Hello @Fran_Porcel and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

I have added your vote to this request.

@EMorton the public roadmap you mention is not available yet. I am sharing your feedback with the team for sure.

If this gets public, we will announce it so that you are aware of it :slightly_smiling_face:


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This Feauture is sooooo important. The PM-Team should really consider to implement this! For our Company it’s an critical point and we can’t onbord our team to without this Feauture. We need to be able to see who is working when exactly (by hour) and we need to connect with the Google Cal…

I am disappinted that this Feature is still missing.
Many responses from you @Matias.Monday … but always the same answer :yawning_face:

Not really happy with this.

Little Edit:

How can I (and all the others that have asked in this topic) be sure that you guys are really working on this??? Since May 2019 you’re letting your customers wait…

3 years for this critical feauture???

Sounds not really trustworthy, sorry to be honest

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Hello @PinoONIX !

Thank you for the feedback.

Your vote was added to the feature request.

The team prioritizes requests based on different criteria such us impact, effort required and more. Each vote is being registered in the request and is taken into account. If this was not deployed, it is because other requests were probably of higher priority during this time.

Having said that, I will share your feedback about this with the team :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thanks for fast reply. I’ll still consider to use because of your fast response.



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I’m adding my vote and also adding to this thread.
Having start date and time and end date and time in one column would also mean that calendar view in Monday wouldn’t show start date/time and end date/time as separate entries (which is confusing and completely pointless).
Can I also add, on a related note, that it’s vital that introduces 2 way sync to their Google Calendar integration? pretty much every app known to man offers this functionality and Monday’s GCal integrations cause huge problems if you have both Monday to Gcal and Gcal to Monday integrations enabled (ie massive numbers of duplicate items).
The Google Calendar integration for me has to be one of the biggest issues with - the number of times I have duplicate entries or half synced entries is unbelievable.

Added my vote too. Would really love to have this feature on Monday. It would make scheduling for the day easier to manage on Monday.

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Ridiculous. Gonna post to r/monday on reddit if you don’t fix it soon. “3 reasons that is not the best choice for task management”

  1. Monday is a bad word to name your software, good luck referencing it
  2. After almost 3 years of complaints from the user community, still can’t handle scheduling correctly - for a task management software, that’s dreadful.
  3. has many client apps, but they don’t sync up on read/unread

It’s foolish for a scheduling company to ignore this.
Here’s a SIMPLE FIX for the developers:

  1. Create a setting on the date/time column object that is similar to the “deadline” feature that allows people to “set this column as start time” and “set this column as end time”
  2. if(start_time_set && end_time_set) {overwrite outbound export_date_stamp to include properly formatted start/end times}
  3. if(export_date_stamp == overwritten) {sync export_date_stamp to google cal/imap cal}
    else {sync standard 1-hour chunk to google cal/imap cal}

That’s an afternoon of coding, a month of testing, and you have your feature.
You are a scheduling and calendaring software - not a social media software - prioritize your purpose to the needs of your VOC


I’m exploring and for a software that pretends to be a project management software, that’s really hard to understand how this feature does not exist yet. It would be very helpful 1/ to synch with Google Calendar, 2/ to display work in Monday’s own calendar view.

How is your own calendar view not even able to display an item with a correct start and end date?
In the calendar view, the system lets you believe you can create an item with specific hours (the field used here is timeline):
2022-08-27 150300
But then you realize that nope, it was created for the full day, with no specific times:
2022-08-27 150433

Did I miss something in the settings or is it really a huge oversight?

Please, this is absolutely needed.


I managed to sync my google calendar both ways but it was tedious, I used Webhooks.

However, does not have the function for times like Google Calendar does, it is a huge oversight. I have mentioned this to several times, I even did a video interview feedback with them where I mentioned this.

Why they don’t have this functionality is beyond me… a scheduling platform that doesn’t allow syncing of time info… mental…!!!

Hi All,

I have also been waiting desperately for this feature, have reached out to support about it and been told they’ll work on it. Super disappointed to look back at this thread and see they’ve been saying they’ll work on it for 3 years and still don’t seem to be prioritizing it. It is SUCH a crucial feature for scheduling, to-do list, etc, I don’t understand why the team isn’t prioritizing it.

Hi, Hi @Matias.Monday,
Do you have any update about this feature? We would like to make a week schedule for our technical staff, but we definitely need to set the start and end time during the day. Without having a start and end time, we can not use to link our installations schedule to our customers. Thanks a lot.


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I have been requesting this feature since 2018.

This feature request is a special case for daily frustration as it breaks daily calendars, seems so obvious and appears easy to implement to everyday users (me).

I think it would be fair for reply that takes this seriously and addresses the reasons why we are not seeing it.


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I’m so surprised this isn’t a feature. Is there any update @Matias.Monday about if this is coming anytime soon. I naively signed our whole team up to this assuming it would be a given that it was included, seeing as it’s a project management tool.

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In the meantime, has anyone found an app they can add on that incorporates this feature?

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Hello everyone!

I do not have an update about this but since it is not really related to my field in, I have asked a colleague to double check. If there are any news, they will be shared :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t understand how it’s not a feature yet, it’s like the most basic option for a calendar view…

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we are waiting…

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Same here. Wish I would have never wasted my time and money. Such a simple thing but yet so many project management software companies miss this very basic step.