Start and end time in date column

We are still waiting…
How many votes is needed for someone to fix this?


I have been reading all the posts from the beginning to the end.
In conclusion, despite the efforts to reply to each post, there is no concrete solution or visualisation that there is a team wanting to fix the problem; it is not even a problem but an essential function.

I was talking to a Monday representative today about getting Enterprise. And the way they explained the prices without mentioning numbers, and in general, the whole conversation made me very suspicious about the future of this software. I hope I’m wrong, but the posts I read daily, and all these essential functions that remain unsettled and unresolved make me think differently.

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Possible pay solution?

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Was just dealing with yet another problem at our operation created by this, the same week that we grudgingly agreed to pay for another year. Fingers ache from being crossed so long.


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Anything you would like to share about your new problem that we can anticipate?

No no, just a scheduling problem for us created by the wonderful one-hour default that the Date Column creates.

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Sorry, I don’t quite understand what you mean by your question.