Start + End = Timeline

I have been trying to use the “Start + End = Timeline” App created by the Excellent Team.

However, I have been having an issue where whenever I try to add recipes from this app, an error message (like the one I have attached) shows up. The message states that you can not access this website.

hi @ryo

I am the developer of this app and hope we can find a solution. I’ll send you a message with some questions privately

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Hello @basdebruin
I really loved your app, I asked my company’s security team to deal with the issue.
In the mean time, I visited to your company’s website to send you a request regarding this app, and would be great if you could check them.
Thank you

hi @ryo

I just saw the message but will also reply here so others also understand. With regards to your ERR_CONNECTION_RESET, it might be a hickup on my server side. I do only communicate with the monday servers, and it looks like a connection issue between your side and monday. I will investigate further.

With regards to multiple instances in the same board: I deliberately refused that because there is also a reverse option (from timeline to dates) and you can image what happens if a user put in 2 recipes where:

  1. one uses dates to timeline
  2. the other one does the reverse (using the same columns

This will become very messy :). So, it is not a bug, it is a feature :slight_smile:

I do understand your use case and will try to make some changes to allow multiple recipes as long as you are using different columns. Will let you know.

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Hi @ryo

I did some investigation and I can make a version that allows multiple recipes per board. I will need to check however if output columns of recipe 1 are not used as input to recipe 2. My apps do send data to my server on a “strictly need to know” basis. That implies that for the current version I don’t even know if you use it from dats to timeline or visa versa.

So, to make this happen, I need to change my database a little and change the recipes (probably with a direction switch). I can’t just change the existing recipes as this would be disruptive for all users.

I will give it a go, but probably need at lease 1-2 weeks to fully design, build and test it.