Starting a new trial after trial expiry and app uninstall

I have a situation where a potential customer completed their 14 day free app trial, then uninstalled without purchase because they were not ready. Now that they are ready, they asked for an extension to their trial.

If they had not uninstalled the app, extending the trial would be easy, I’d just go to monetization, enter their account_id and extend their trial for say another 14 days.

I cannot extend a trial unless the app is currently installed, so get an error when trying to do so.

They now cannot reinstall the app without purchasing it, so I cannot give them an extension to their trial.

How do we get around this situation?

Perhaps a solution to this scenario could be documented too.

Cc: @Matias.Monday @TomFri

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Hello there @dvdsmpsn,

This is an interesting scenario.

Would you be able to please send this over to so we can take it as a ticket and check this out for you + create a request if needed?

Looking forward to hearing from you via email!


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Email sent.

I’ve also had a similar related scenario that I’ve contacted appsupport with before – cannot apply a discount if app has been uninstalled as the app needs to be installed for the discount, but the app needs to be paid before it can be installed :exploding_head:

Documentation on how to get around both scenarios would be super cool :sunglasses:

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Hey @dvdsmpsn we will take a look into it and will share the feedback with the team :grin: