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Hi I’m new and I’m curious if folks have suggestions on how to think about best practices for structuring boards for their team.

We are a marketing team that is exploring the use of
I can imagine each marketing team member with their own board that they manager (think social, events, email, video production, etc). That said, we also have campaigns which span several months, and ad hoc projects that come up (like organizing a virtual road race!!).


  1. Do folks have a separate board for each campaign and project (which might have multiple steps and involve multiple people)? or do you lump them together into one board?

  2. Knowing that campaigns might require support from individual team members – do you “duplicate”/link items on the campaign and project boards onto the indiviudual team boards OR do you use views like My Week and dashboards for team members to view all of their tasks? And if you don’t duplicate/link are there any challenges?

  3. If we are also thinking about becoming more agile, how do folks “pack sprints” every couple of weeks, or do you just add projects as they come and then do daily stand ups to review work, blockers, etc?

  4. Other advice on getting started with with our team?

Hi Ben and welcome to exciting journey with
We do use for our marketing and can share how it works for us.
I would first recommend watching official marketing webinar that should answer lots of your questions.

It would totally depend on number of campaigns that you run. However, most of the time you should be good to lump them together and link them to a project either using a tag field or link to projects column.

I presume that specific task would be determined a team leader. So what you can have for example is column

| Need Support |
| Marketing/IT/Etc |

And then matching automation something like

When Need Support Changes To Marketing Notify John Marketing Guru

Which would notify team leader that support is needed. Then they can go into the board and figure out what kind of task need to be created in their team board.
Individual team members they pick tasks from “New requests” group on top of your team board.

  1. If we are also thi

This webinar should help you to understand how to do that.