Status and Progress columns weight depth

As a user, I would appreciate a higher degree of granularity/depth between the Status and Progress columns.

I believe it would be a great thing to allow weight distribution by status color/label and have the progress column calculate it’s own weight based on these instead of a 0%/100% limitation just on the done status.


Do you mean something similar to what is explained here?

Or something different?

The idea -if I understood right- is to chose each status color weight.

For example, green is 100%, yellow is 75%, orange is 50%…

So that if you have 2 status columns, not only the weight of the column is calculated (like the new feature), but also the weight of each selected status.

For example, if I have 2 status column :

  • 1st column makes up to 40%
  • 2nd column makes up to 60%

So when the 1st column is orange and we chose orange weights 50%, the 2nd is red that weights 0%, the progress bar will display : 40%*50% + 0% = 20%

If we can’t chose the weight of each status, it would have displayed 0 or 40%.

I hope my explanation is clear


Yup, that’s correct Stephane

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Interesting feedback and I see how this could be helpful. We’ll pass this along for consideration!


I agree with this! We use a “SHIP” or “WILL CALL” status column. Each one of these contributes to a small percentage of completion status. It would be nice to be able to break it down and set the percentage weight for each one.

My example:
Need label
Label made
Picked Up
En route

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I also need this feature. Made my own post for it as well

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We need the same. We have 3 stage status columns - Planning, Developing and Deploying. Each of those columns has the following statuses: Initiated, 50% complete, 75% complete, 100% Complete.

If the weight of the stages are: Planning 25%, Developing 50%, Deploying 25%.
It’s more meaningful to us if we also factor in the progress of each column.

Planning Stage = 100% Complete = 1.0 x 25% = 25%
Developing Stage = 50% Complete = 0.5 x 50% = 25%
Total Real progress = 50% Complete

The progress bar only calculates the first column and the overall project as 25%, but from our perspective, it is 50% compete

It would be nice to also have the option to set Progress by singular status column values for simple tracking scenarios:

Initiated = 25%
Executing = 50%
Testing = 75%
Done = 100%