Status changes from something to something else move

We’re trying to put together a relatively complicated flow where items might move from one group to another and then back again, but we only want to trigger the automation that creates new items in other boards once. I.e. when the items are advancing.

Issue on the issues board. Status changes to ‘In Dev’, automation creates a new item on the Dev board and moves item to ‘In Dev’. (Fine so far)

Devs change status to ‘In Testing’ so the issue moves from the ‘In Dev’ group to the ‘In Testing’ group and creates a new item in the Testing board. (also fine.)

Testers find a problem and send it back to the devs by marking it as ‘In Dev’

The automation is now going to move it back to the ‘In Dev’ group and make a new item in the Dev board. Now there’s 2 items for the same issue in the Dev board (both pointing back to the same issue).

Devs are going to change the status back to ‘In Testing’ and automation creates a new item and so forth…

I think we need an automation (or a modifier? New type of thing that you can attach to an automation?) that says “First time only”

Hello @vIQleS,
Maybe you could add some statuses like “In Dev - Rev1” so when the items are moved from testers to developers the second time to the initial board, no new item will be created. Using different revisions in status you could create that workflow.
That makes sense?

I guess that would solve the problem, but we’re trying not to add necessary statuses. The project manager is a stickler for keeping things tidy…