Status column updated from Master/Template

Hi all,

We currently have a workflow where we have a bunch of board (50 to 150x) representing ‘Client Files’.

I also have a ‘Main Board’ that pulls data from each ‘Client File Board’ and aggregates into a master dashboard (via API).

The Client Files are created from a template. In this template, is a status column. There are currently a few existing items in there but it happens (too) often that our operational teams request to have new Statuses added to ‘atomize’ the workflow. Thus we are stuck manually updating each of the 50-150x Client Files boards manually to integrate the new Statuses to maintain uniformity in our internal processes.

My question is thus:

  1. is it possible to update the collection of possible statuses via API?
  2. is it possible to maintain the list of statuses from a basic list pulled from either the initial creator template or any other source that enables us to mass update all ‘dependant’/child board created from the template.

Many thanks for any help/workaround.

hi @mcd

This is a commonly requested feature. From what I know solution 1. (change possible status values through the API) is not on the monday roadmap.

What is very interesting is a feature that is often called “live templates”. Read this thread to learn when monday is plannign to have something like this. Set Board as MASTER Board (Column Structure, Permissions, and Automations Applied Across Linked Boards) - #2 by avirampm

Thanks for the reply!

I will monitor that thread also. Hopefully it comes soon…