Status + Date + Person deadline column

Hi Monday Community,

Our team loves using Monday so far, but one feature that would really improve our workflow would be the ability to link a person/team column to a status/date column. So essentially a new combination deadline column with a Status + Date + Person vs the existing Status + Date.

The reason being our workflow can sometimes involve hundreds of pulses within a single project, so the most useful setup is this horizontal progression:

Which works great except I’d like to be able to hide the pulse from teams/people who have completed their stage from the “My Week” dashboard/view. It will currently display these as separate tasks until each status is set to Complete:

This might be solved with sub-tasks, but I still figured I’d put our workflow out there in case anyone is in a similar situation.



I have the same question! :slight_smile: Maybe someone has figured out a way around or has diced up the board to have single team or person assigned.

Hey @jasko and @KimberlyDiVito,

This is a great idea. I do see how this could be useful. I will be sure to pass this along to our dev team for review.

@KimberlyDiVito Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Feel free to continue to share your feedback here :slight_smile:



Awesome, thanks!

Another simpler (client-side?) solution to our specific issue may be to have the ability to filter (and save filtered views) My Week by status.

Per my example above I could specify that I only need to see pulses where ‘Stage 1’ is incomplete, not interested in the status of other stages.