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One of my developers is working on creating an integration to track the status of auto dialing calls and report it back into .

The integration is very straight forward, however we are having difficulty supplying the user with the ability to choose the index of the selected status column. With our current configuration the entire integration screen crashes when the user clicks into “something”
Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 8.13.54 AM

If anyone has any thoughts on what could be wrong! Please help.

hi @jackjack2202

From your screenshot it looks like you are using a generic column and value in the action building block. If you change that to “Status column” and “Status column value” you are all set. With the specific status column / value your recipe builder will not allow you to select the column type (as it is always a status column) and for the value you need to select from which status columns the values should be picked.

Hi @jackjack2202!

It looks to me like you’re using a custom trigger and our built-in “set Status” action, is that right?

If so, could it also be that your custom trigger data isn’t working correctly? Do you mind showing us the setup there?

If the action is one of our built-in actions, I don’t believe it should be breaking unless it’s not getting the expected data or formatting in the SubscriptionURL from your trigger’s POST request.

Let us know!


Hi @jackjack2202! Are you still experiencing this issue?

Please let us know if so. Otherwise, I will be closing this thread in a week. Thank you!

Nope all good! Thank you for your help.

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