Status update via API reverts unexpectedly


We are currently using API v2 to update certain statuses on one of our boards. We face a certain issue where one or more of the columns are updated, and reflected for once but then revert back to previous value on the board. The change from the previous value to updated value is present in Activity Log, however, this unexpected revert back to previous value is not present in Activity Log.

In our case this happens randomly, and also we only find it to happen when there are two or more calls simultaneously to API v2 to update an item’s different columns. If someone can help resolve/understand this behavior, it would be great. Thanks!

Hi @abhishoya,

Are you using a monday Apps trigger to call your code?

Would you mind sharing how you are triggering the update call?

Hi @mitchell.hudson

No, we are not using a monday Apps trigger.

This is how we are triggering the update call. The variable graphql contains the query string.

const query = await request({
      method: 'POST',
      uri: '',
      body: graphql,
      headers: {
        'Content-Type': 'application/json',
        Authorization: config.api_key,

Do you have any additional automations that could revert status back once you change it thru API?

Hi @rob

No, we don’t have any automations which modify a column’s value.