Strange behavior of activity_log

I’ve encountered with a few strange moments in work with activity log (for short mention — AL).

The first moment:
Sometimes i get delay between changes in item and corresponding events in AL. Our app uses AL as source of the true for item’s state and makes changes in the app state after changing some items. But these changes appear in AL with delay. Occasionally the delay can be very long. It can be measured in minutes or tens minutes. It’s very sad.

But this isn’t the main pain in ass.

The second moment:
When i move items between groups in the board, the appropriate event from the pair of events for moving in activity log doesn’t exist. For example, there is an event move_from_group (1) but there isn’t an event move_into_group (2) or vice versa. But a very happy moment awaits us in the future. After repeating request i get the second event but don’t receive the first event.

And same behavior occurs with series ordinal updates in item’s values — two equals requests with same parameters repeated with small delay return different sets of events.

Could you kindly fix this trouble?


Hi Dima,

Thank you for raising this issue. Can you fill out this form here so that our team can take a further look into this issue? Thank you!


Hello, @joseph.monday |

I filled out the issue form.

Best regards,

Hello there @DKostochko

We will take a look into this then :grin:

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