Structure of Workspaces, Board Folders, & Boards

I’m a newbie here and been reading through the documentation and practicing via the web page to ensure I understand query structure.

I understand how to query a list of boards and can get info of each board (i.e. board folder ID, workspace). I’m also seeing that you can’t filter your query by workspace and board folder.

Essentially, you have to retrieve all your boards then parse through that. That seems like a lot of overhead to perform to get a list of maybe 15 boards when you could potentially have 10+ workspaces with 100s of boards in each workspace.

I essentially have a need to pull the entire set of boards from a specific board folder in a specific workspace (also, I’m seeing that if the workspace is the default, you don’t return the actual ID/name of the workspace, you just return null - why is that). Once I have the list of those board IDs, I can then query the specific boards to get the data that I need.

I just don’t think parsing through 100s (or even 1000s) of boards to build a list of 10-50 boards is optimal.

Am I missing something? Is there something I can do better here?

Hi @BeauElliott, welcome to our community!

Thank you for this feedback. I’m glad to hear that you’ve begun learning and playing around with our GraphQL API. It’s always exciting to see our users want to try and become more technical.

No you’re not missing anything here. At this time, you are correct in that our boards queries do not have a folder or workspace argument that would allow you to reduce and “filter” out the boards queried to only return the ones you want (i.e. in the particular folder you had in mind).

As such, I’m going to move this into our Feature Requests subsection and submit this as feedback for our team. This is definitely something our team is aware of, and looking to improve in the future!

For now, I think that if you have those particular board IDs saved somewhere (the board ID can be found by retrieving the set of numbers in the URL of the board), you can just use those to query the items and column_values on those boards.

Could something like this work for you for now?

I can make it work. I’ve just currently got my app looping through every board to find the boards in certain folders (I have grabbed the actual folder ID from another query and using it as a filter).

Thanks for this! I think having this ability will help tremendously and will reduce the effort to get data from certain boards.

Hi @BeauElliott

I had (have) a similar issue. Obviously it depends upon your business working practices, but we got round it by ensuring that account managers archived their boards when projects finished. By doing it in this manner you could use the board_type clause to partially limit the amount of boards returned from the query.

May not be suitable in your case, but maybe.

I agree querying by folder, even knowing the folder in advance would be great, so a vote from me!

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