Sub-item API support

Great job on sub-items! This could be hot feature for sure.
Please let us know if they are currently supported by API and if so there documentation available. If there is no API support ATM please let us know when it is planned.

Hey @IlyaK!

At the moment subitems are not fully supported by our API. However, each subitem is simply an item on a different board, so you should be able to do many of the current operations via the API with subitems.

The subitem column is a link to item column, and each subitem on a board is pulled from another board. Does that make sense?

1 Like, thank you very much for your quick response! it does make sense.
I’ve been able to get a list of sub-items, sub-item ID and its column values, that is fine.
What I would like to be able to do is to have a way to add sub-item via API, that would make them very usable.

For sure! Adding support for the link to item column would be helpful, and is on our roadmap.

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Hello. I am still having a hard time extracting subitems as i dont follow the above post.
I am trying to get subitems as though they are items using. Is this possible? I am basically looking at monday for content programming

query {
items_by_column_values (board_id: xxxxxx, column_id: “date”, column_value: “03-25-2020”)
} I was able to find the board id for the sub-items board and add a item directly there, but it doesn’t seem to be updating the parent board. Known issue ?

@jonathon, I have a feeling that the item in the sub-items board is linked to the main board by the mechanism that is used in the ‘link’ column.
So when you create it it appears on the sub-items board but it does not have any relationship to the main board item and it has no fields you could fill for this link to happen. Linking is done via main board ‘subitems’ column, which is basically a multi-item link.
However currently the API does not support updating this column type, so you’re stuck.
Would be great for to confirm or deny this as it is purely guesswork on my part

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