Sub-item API support

Just tried it, didn’t work either

I think I misunderstood your initial response.
You aren’t seeing the linked pulses inside of the “linkedpulseids” field value, correct?

I also have experienced the same when creating a new subitem via API. I can query the “Subitems of” board, and return all items created. However, not all are visible on the parent item. Support explained that any subitem visibility through API was incidental. I asked for visibility showing the rest of what exists in the value field you copied above, because if your clear it (set it to {}) and then repopulate it with the exact same text the subitems will no longer be visible. There’s something else in or attached to that value that Monday won’t show us, and is keeping subitems from working smoothly.

I was working through spoofing subitem creation when API support was announced. Now that subitem support has been withdrawn it appears I will be back on that. The package sent at creation through the GUI seems simple enough to replicate. I’m hoping you have some good news soon.

Now I’m not sure I understand you…
I see 25 out of 26 pulse ids. Means there’s one subitem missing when I’m trying to fetch subitem ids from the API

Are you trying to fetch using the board ID of the parent board, and finding the subitem IDs from the linkedPulseIds field or using the board ID of the subitem board? The default pulse/item limit (unless you declare a different limit) is 25.