Sub-Item date dependency request

Our team currently has three podcasts publishing regularly, and I produce all three. Currently, I only use for one of the show’s workflows, but I’d really like to have all three on the platform; our team uses for a lot of other things.

What’s holding me back is a feature that CoSchedule has but doesn’t (and I believe should). Currently there is no due date <> publish date dependency for subitems. For example, if I wanted to have a certain step in the podcast production workflow be always due 30 days before publish, that due date would auto-populate based on the intended publish date. It’s such a simple feature, but one which is really critical and useful to our workflow.

There is an automation for due dates based on numbers, but it seems that only works for main items, not for subitems.

Because this doesn’t exist, for the show which I manage using, I have to go through and manually update the due date for 23+ tasks each time I add a new episode to the board. Quite a headache!

I feel this would be a simple and hugely effective feature to implement. Truly, this one simple feature is what is preventing our team from using for our entire podcast production process — I’m sure a lot of other production professionals would feel the same!