Sub-items (Monday.labs Alpha Release) Feedback

Hi Monday Team,

It’s been great playing around with this!

My top 3 requests so far:

  1. Unique pulse IDs for each new sub item (to allow for Integromat integrations)
  2. Column summaries (to allow for currency pre-fixes, sums, medians etc)
  3. Sub items to maintain the same expanded/collapsed state after returning from another board (it’s what my mind expects to see)


Issues I’ve encountered:

  1. Unable to drag and drop subitems to other items - even though the subitem follows the mouse as you drag it.
  2. Right-click > Duplicate. The green success box appears but nothing is duplicated.
  3. Right-click > Copy+Paste does nothing

Looking good!
It would be great if the sub-items’ values could be summarized in the main item.
For example, time estimates and spent worktime on sub-items would be convenient to see as one single value in the main item.

Some kind of connection with status columns would also be great. Maybe the same visualization as the checkmarks could be used to indicate (in the main item) how many sub-items that have status X.

I was also thinking about the kanban view. A toggle that could hide/show sub-items as separate cards might be good.


For the most flexibility, I’d say that it’s better not to summarise the sub-items values in the main item. I think that the sub-items should be discrete items in their own right, but with column summaries if needed.

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No sure how realistic/implementable this is, but for the way we work, it would be good to have ‘linked boards’ per item.

We have an ‘overview’ board of all of our upcoming jobs, organised into groups per month. For instance, March has 10 items, April 5 and so on. We then have boards that relate to these specific jobs, which break down the content/work we need to do for them further.

With the use of these subtask, on our main board it would be ideal if we could LINK to various board, as opposed to only being able to link to one other board for the whole overview. I know we could set up multiple link columns, but that isn’t an ideal workaround. Ideally, what I would like to do is to be able to set up SUBITEMS within a PARENT ITEM that has a link to one of our more details boards. Each item, ideally, would be able to link to another board, without issue :slight_smile:


Hi! Great job with sub-items!!

My feedback with the friction I felt starting with it:

  1. Move parent items and its subitems to another board
  2. When filtering by a person, be able to show the parent item if this person is only present at a sub-item (helps us visualize a bigger picture of what she is working on)
  3. Copy columns (specially status ones) from parent items to sub-items. I had to create them again from scratch.
  4. Convert one item into a sub-item of another one and viceversa
  5. Through Google Chrome, move from fields with keyboard arrows as in parent items :wink:

Thanks for moving on!


Our biggest usage hope for subitems was to be able to remedy printing boards in a concise fashion. Currently all boards seem to default the item name column (farthest left) to fill the width which can not be modified shorter than a set amount, so our boards are unable to fit well on a printed 8.5" x 11" sheet. The only remedy I could find was to scale down the size to sub-90%, which is too small to read. My hope with sub-items was that I could put notes for each delivery (our use case is a delivery schedule for a dumpster rental company) in the subitems and they could nest nicely below each item, but by default there is just way too much extra vertical space being added for sub-items. My hopes would be for some additional view/printing settings to adjust font size/padding of cells, etc. This is also a feature I’ve requested in the past for utilizing Form View on external websites. The padding of cells looks great onscreen for a board, but it’s just too large for other uses. See my screenshots:

In general, I love the sub-items.

My main point of feedback is it would be nice to have a standard set of sub-items that could be auto-generated for each new item. For example on certain boards, there’s a standard list of tasks that need to be accomplished for all items (which often are forgotten). This equates to about 6 sub-items that need to be manually generated for each item on that board. Is this something that already exists and I’ve overlooked it?


This is what we need too…
a standard template of subitems to be created (via automation??) por a type of pulse.
i have a “type of task” status column, i could have an automation to create a specific list of subitems for this task, and another set of subitems for another type of tasks :slight_smile:


It would be great to have the subitem columns replicate the same as the main item. I have to go across all of my boards and mimic the columns for the main item, for example…

  • Main item:
    Example campaign

  • Subitems:
    Social media posts
    eShot assets

These would all need columns for job owner, designer, type, deadline, content, estimated time


My team requested this as well! I’m sort of wondering how it will impact how time tracking displays in the Dashboards, though…


My team uses for scheduling social media posts, so our use of the mobile app is frequent. We have just started implementing use of sub-items which has been very helpful on desktop for organizing posts by topic (main item) and platform (sub-items), yet have run into the problem of not being able to view sub-items on mobile. In short:

  • Full view of sub-items on mobile

Can items and their subitems be duplicated in the future?

Thank you for sub-items. Currently, I have a custom list in the status column. It would be nice if that custom list would be available for sub items also. Currently, I have to go into the status column of a sub item and edit the list to match the status list of the parent item.

I’d like to echo the feedback on a request for Subitems to maintain the same expanded/collapsed state after returning from another board.

We are working to implement Sub Items, however I am not so sure I want to grant other users full access to the board in board permission just to allow them to add sub items (Edit Everything).

You can add new pulses with the “Edit Content” permission, but not add sub items…the permissions are not consistent in regards to creating pulses and sub items.

Please consider to change so pulses and sub items work using the same permission.

We need to be able to promote or demote items into subitems (drop and drag) or vice versa


Suggestion: What about an Item Level Progress Bar that is connected to the sub-item categories - but not from left to right, but from top to the last one in one category? Like a mirror for a checklist. The feedback for the status on the sub-items is missing otherwise on the top level.


A suggestion for subtasks is to have them carry over to a board built from a template. I added them to one of our templates then tried to copy that tempate into a new board and none of the subtasks populated on the board.


Same here! Loving sub-items, but it’s tiring having to re-open those trees whenever you return to a board. Remember the trees, please! :slight_smile:

Edit: And it would also be nice to have a feature to open/close all sub-items on a board.