Sub-items (Monday.labs Alpha Release) Feedback

We’d like to be able to move items in and out of other items. Sometimes multiple items get created that, on review, all belong to one larger task. In that case we’d like to create an item to be that larger task then move the individual items to be sub-items of it. Not only would it be annoying to have to recreate those items as sub-items, any conversation had on the original items would be lost.


Looking good so far - It would be good if subitems columns are exposed to the formula column, so that we can aggregate number values on the parent item.

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It would be great if sub-items columns are exposed on board “filter everything” feature, showing only sub-itens filtered as result.

Hi - it would be great to be able to expand sub-items when on a table dashboard view.

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I know others have mentioned, but for our team, as much as we’re loving sub-items, we are really limited by not being able to move tasks with sub-items between boards, exporting them to Excel, and the parent item not being shown when searching. That last one in particular is maddening - you search for your own name and you see a sea of sub-items listed and no clue what they are for. Can’t wait for these functionalities to be released!


Export Board to include SubItems

Usecase: Subitems are used to track multiple telecom inventory disconnect requests and billing disputes per location. As part of the process, we need to gather all Telecom provided tracking numbers across their multiple systems including forked requests. The forked requests are out of our control and creates a Many to One relationship that SubItems is perfect for.

Without the ability to export SubItems, we have to either manually retype everything in the Exported Spreadsheet or figure out a work around.


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There seems to be a bug on the Time Tracking summary of the Subitems.

When I try to show the Subitems Time Tracking hours it’s showing a different value. Even if I use either {Subitems Time Tracking#Hours} or {Subitems Time Tracking} the value is so large.

I agree with #1 and #2 it would be beneficial to see the main pulse name for the notifications.

I do not use the app that often, only when really necessary and I am away from my desk so I cannot speak to #3.

One of the biggest asks for our company as well is to be able to drag an email pulse into a subitem. This is something we have struggled with since starting to use Monday. We need to have a way to drag an email pulse that gets sent to the main board into an existing item without emailing that specific item. This is causing a major snag for us and a duplication of work. We were hopeful subitems would solve this problem but sadly no. If we had this ability we would utilize Monday so much more.

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I second the need for Column Summaries for the sub items. I would like to use the columns to calculate a sum and allow for the use of currency.


I believe I am reading the comments correctly and I don’t know that this feature exists. There really needs to be a roll up of subtask status so that one can see where the task status actually is. Does this feature exist?


Hi Monday Team! Great work on the subitems features.

Any news on when ‘‘Converting items into subitems and vice versa’’ will be ready? Is it still on track for sometime in Q4 2020?



Agree - we desperately need this to manage client changes in design projects!!

1&2 are totally doable now. Unique ID is a column type you can add and if you click on the total at the bottom of the column you can assign units

I’ve recently noticed that adding a new subitem to a list of subitems automatically places it in the 3rd row as opposed to at the bottom row, is there a way of changing this so that the newest subitems always appear below the older ones?