Sub-Items Time Tracking Totals

When we add time tracking information in a sub-item, in a time tracking column, the time spent does not get added to the total time spent on the parent task and therefore does not get added to the total time spent on the item.

The time spent/tracked gets lost from the overall calculation and presentation.

We have had to remove the time tracking column from sub-items so our people don’t use them as that information is lost for the project.

Time-tracking information for sub-items should be added to, and included in, the overall time spent for the parent task and the parent project.

This is exactly what we are wanting to do! This would be huge for us. Please add this capability Monday!

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Hi all, I’ve put together a workaround in my board for this problem and it seems to have done the trick. Here it is:

  1. In the subitems, open the time tracking column settings and select “Show Summary on Parent Item”. I renamed the column ‘Subitem Time Tracking’.
  2. For the time tracking column on the parent menu, I renamed it ‘Parent Item Time Tracking’.
  3. Now add a Formula column. I renamed it ‘Time Totals’. Enter this formula to add the two columns together and equate to total hours:

SUM({Subitem Time Tracking},{Parent Item Time Tracking})/60/60

  1. Now SUM will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the item. Click on SUM and you can add your own UNIT title - I added Hours. So now at the bottom of the task I can see the total hours, including subitem hours!