Sub-Items Timeline

Hi Monday Community.

Is there a Solution to show the timeline of sub-items in the timeline view? This would be very usefully.

Thanks for any idea so solve that.



Hey @Elbe-Media! Good question :slight_smile: We are working on this feature and are hoping to release it by the beginning of Q3. For more info on features related to subitems, check out this roadmap!

If you’d like help brainstorming workarounds in the meantime feel free to write back here or to :+1:


Definitely would prefer the option to display sub items or not. We are using sub items for internal tasks (not to share with client) and the main items for the information the client needs.

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Eagerly waiting for this - we use the Timeline a lot and if they don’t show it is as if they didn’t exist…

Arghhh…we need this ASAP! The only other timeline tool I can find that does this is Smartsheet!

Please fast track this one - would be awesome to have!

Yes I agree. This will be a very important feature to move forward with.

Yes this would be very helpful!

I agree this feature would enable us to use the gantt chart to its full potential! :+1: