Subfolders (sub directories)

We’re probably doing the opposite :grinning:

We’re a small construction company so one workspace for live jobs, one for tenders etc. The default workspace holds all our personal boards and ad hoc boards (software login details, insurance info etc).

This helps reduce another of my pet peeves with Monday: clutter in the LHS bar where the Workspaces live. I cannot wait until we have drag-and-drop to make it more logical and orderly.

I JUST wrote Monday about that… .hoping to be able to reorder the workspaces! My personal board is all mixed in, and it kinda makes me nutty. I saw there was an update coming for workspaces, so :crossed_fingers: we’ll get some action there in near term.

Thanks again for helping me with a lightbulb moment. I overhauled today and am MUCH happier. :smiley: Have a good evening, or day, or whatever makes sense where you are!


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This is a huge shortcoming…

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My best advice is to have good descriptive WS, folder and board names. Collapse both the WS and board list for added vertical space and just use the bolts switch for navigation.


Hey, I feel like this is a crucial feature. Really hard to organize things without sub-folders

Well we currently have:

  1. Workspaces
  2. Folders
  3. Boards
  4. Groups
  5. Items
  6. Sub-Items

Can you make your concept of sub-folders fit into that structure?

Hi JohnW, of course I can.

  1. Workspace
  2. Folder
    3. Sub-Folder (s) (unlimited levels of nesting - like all file management software)
  3. Board
  4. Group
  5. Items
  6. Sub-Items

The reason sub-folders are crucial is because it declutters the space. Let me give you an example: we have a HR workspace that we use for onboarding (among other things). As suggested by Eddie in his webinar on how to onboard team members, we use multiple boards (company-level, department-level and tool-level) for onboarding each team members. You can find the video here: Onboarding New Team Members. Obviously, we group these boards in folders for each employee so it looks like this:

  1. Workspace (HR)
  2. Folder (Welcome, Employee 1!)
  3. Board 1 (Company Onboarding for Employee 1), Board 2 (Department Onboarding for Employee 2), etc.
  4. Groups (Important stuff, General To-Do’s, Software/Tech, etc.)
  5. Items (Tasks)
  6. Sub-items (More, related tasks to the above task)

Fine, right? Well, no. Because then the Workspace becomes cluttered and looks like this:

  • Employee Directory
  • Welcome, Employee 1
  • Welcome, Employee 2
  • Welcome, Employee 3
  • Welcome, Employee 4
  • Welcome, Employee 5
  • Welcome, Employee 6
  • Welcome, Employee 7

You can see how this can get cluttered REALLY fast, and this is only with 7 employees. Imagine companies with 50, 200 employees or more! Same with clients!

With subfolders the Workplace could look SO much cleaner, like this:

*Admin (folder with subfolders)
*Onboarding (Folder that includes all the welcome folders)
*HR Services (folder with subfolders)
*Archive (folder with 2020, 2021,… subfolders)

That’s 4 folders, versus the infinite amount of folders in the earlier example. The applications are limitless. To give you a real world example,

  1. is the office building
  2. Workplaces are like rooms
  3. Folders are like boxes / binders
  4. Boards are like papers / documents
  5. Groups are like headings
  6. Items are like paragraphs / content
  7. Sub-items are really just like the items, but different in style / layout.

And right now looks like we’ve put a bunch of documents and papers in boxes / binders. Which is better than having a pile on the desk, sure, but…

We want filing cabinets with drawers, and dividers & even more because this is the internet and you can only realistically see so many files at once. Everything else works with subfolders. I can guarantee that if you look at the code of it’s has many, many subfolders. It wouldn’t make sense to group everything in only 2 levels of folders, would it? So why not allow to nest folders within folders (and so on)? I’m not sure what you gain by rejecting the idea of sub-folders, but I can definitely tell you what you gain by adopting it: many many happy clients, less headaches and much much tidier workplaces.

Thank you.

P.S.: I don’t know about others but I was really close to switching to Wrike over this. That’s how bad this issue is to me. The idea of a project management software is to simplify the process. To me, a lack of sub-folders makes it really hard to organize properly. I ended up picking anyway because of all the other features and it’s visually more pleasing, but this remains a genuine concern for me…


Is this something the devs are planning to do? The more we use, the more this feature is getting valuable.
It was fun starting out, but as data accumulates, projects and products being created, etc. It’s getting more and more cluttered.

Hi everyone! Our team understands the need for subfolders and is currently working on this feature, though we don’t have a specific release date just yet. Please stay tuned for more updates about this, and thanks for providing your use cases and waiting so patiently in the meantime! :pray:


I would also like the ability to duplicate a folder (or sub-folder) along with the boards/dashboards in that folder and retain links and automations between the new duplicated boards. This would allow a set of boards to act as a template for a repeatable process/project.

Furthermore, when selecting a template for a new board (or set of boards/dashboard), I would like the ability to fill out a form that allows customization of the templates, such as, Project/Client name, toggle on/off groups of task, assign team members, etc.

I will try to find a proper forum topic to re-post this in.



This is extremely exciting to hear. Our team has been struggling a bit, we even reached out to Monday to help us implement dashboards to make things a little easier. Subfolders would change the game.

We are excited to hear this also! I am looking forward to an update. We have both Smartsheet and Monday and are needing to eliminate one. This is a critical feature Smartsheet has that people in my org are needing in order to have Monday be the platform to win out.