Subgroups (NOT subitems)

I often run into a situation where it would be very beneficial to have subgrouping capabilities.

For example, if I have 2 items that I need to stay together for record keeping, but I don’t want to archive them, for ease of access, I have to leave them in their own group. If I do that a hundred times, now I have 100 groups visible on a board and it’s cluttered and difficult to navigate.

If I was able to organize those 100 groups as subgroups into a sort of “Closed” group, where I can choose what visibility I have, but still retain easy access I could more easily automate group movement, and better schedule archives without affecting the more active elements of the board that I need to see on the day to day.

I could also use this feature. I would like to show Released Sprints on the Planning Board but keep them in the group so it’s clear when the release date was. However, I’d like to create a Released Group so that each sprint group can move as a sub-group into the Released Group.

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