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I’ve looked at the FAQ and don’t see my question. I have attempted to set up dependency on sub-tasks/subitems but they aren’t working. What I did was make sure each Main task had a subtask and then I set the dependency from main task 1/subtask to main task2 subtask1. I set up the timeline not to start until other finished so I can auto update my subitem dates. But when I test (change the subtask in main 1 to a week later) my main task 2 subitem 1 stays the same.


I’m looking for the same function for subitems and noticed that nothing has changed for a month around this. Can someone from Monday give us an update on this?

Edit: I noticed in the subitem feature release schedule there is no mention of subitem dependencies (unless I’m missing it). However, this is a critical need for subitems to be at all useful within project plans…


I agree, these dependencies would be very very useful o use on subitems

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I certainly like the subitems function, but unless I am mistaken it seems that subitems can only be dependent on other subitems, and not main items. Similarly items can only be dependent on other main items, but not on subitems… This certainly limits the functionality of subitems! Another thing I miss regarding subitems is that there is an automation which says," when the status of an item changes to … change the status of its dependency to … However this automation doesn’t exist in subitems and the custom automation maker doesn’t have it either!

Hey @fwoodley, @randi1, @Jefes, and @jpinbe! Thanks for posting and for your feedback on dependencies in subitems.

This is something we’re planning on releasing after we release crossboard dependencies. Crossboard dependencies are on the roadmap for Q1 of 2021, so I would guess that the subitem dependencies will be out in Q1 or Q2.

If you have any questions in the meantime or want us to help you brainstorm workarounds for this feature, feel free to write in to to let us know :blush:

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Hey Talia, thank you for your clarification! Q1 2021 is now almost over, I still can’t see subitem dependencies on the roadmap. Do you have an update when we can except this?

Hey Nils! @dk_NFroehlich

Thanks for following up on this! I’m speaking with the developers now as it seems they’ve reprioritized this and will let you know as soon as I have an update. Many people are requesting subitem dependencies and we are working on communicating that to the devs.

Best wishes,

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Thanks for the subitem dependencies! Although, it doesn’t prove to be useful if we can not change timelines of subitems based on the changes in the timelines for its dependencies! When do you think you will be able to provide this functionality? Thank you.


thanks for asking nour. we need same functionality as soon as possible. greatly diminishes value of without it.

Hey @nour and @dfreeman I’m going to pass this feedback along! At the moment it is looking like this will be developed later this year. I will continue passing along your feedback.

Adding this link to feature request post: Subitem Dependency Automation to get more votes on the feature request, Not sure if that makes more difference to monday, but figured the more attention will continue to prioritize this on monday’s roadmap.

Hey @timlittletech, @dfreeman, @dk_NFroehlich, @nour, @fwoodley, and @Randi1! Good news :blush:

We now have three dependency recipes that support subitems! Here they are, feel free to send feedback:

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these are great news! I already implented them :slight_smile:

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Amazing to hear that! Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: @dk_NFroehlich

hi Monday team, is there a way to set a deadline (date) to a main item/milestone, to then be able to put “time to action” on each subitem (eg Item A = three weeks), so the board would automatically calculate how much time is left, any slippage, etc? Unless I’m mistaken, the three recipes shared still require manual management of dates and date ranges on main and subitems. Please advise if there’s a way to do what I’ve suggested. Thanks!


after our first actual uses of these new features I want to give you feedback:
Unfortunately this feature cannot used for planning. It is helpful when adjusting running projects but there are some huge hinderances when planning a project at the beginning with these dependency features activated:

  1. subitems are not supported in gantt and timeline views. So I cannot adjust timelines and date for subitems in these views purely because I cannot see any subitems in these views
  2. in dashboards where I CAN see subitem timelines and dates there is no immediate refresh. So when changing the timeline of a subitems that has dependent subitems only the manual change is visible all changes which occur due to the dependency-automations are only displayed after a manual refresh of the whole dashboard.

This leads to

  • dragging the first subitem to a new date
  • all other items do not change BUT in the background their dates are actually changed
  • as these changes are not displayed I manually drag the other subitems as well
  • again all dependent items change their dates in the background
  • ultimately this is a huge clusterf* when I come back to the gantt dashboard after a while and all the manual changes combined with the invisible automations are displayed.

long story short: either subitems need to be supported in gantt and/or timeline views or – even better – gantt and timeline widgets in dashboards need to be immediately refreshed automatically and display all changes via automations.

Best regards


I use subitems quite a lot and dependencies are important for our projects as there are so many people involved. I noticed that subitems can only be dependent on other subitems within the same group. Is this something that will be fixed soon?

Kind regards,

Hey @dk_NFroehlich :wave:

It looks like your feedback would actually be great to add to this feedback post that’s already been opened! You can add your vote to it to show your support for the additional support of subitems on our board views to help our Product Team see the full impact and importance of prioritizing this capability :slight_smile:
Gantt Doesn’t Show Subitems Feedback

For @ElliBA and @DevJ, I would recommend opening new posts or feedback posts for these questions as these seem to be more specific questions than fully related to the original question that was asked. We want to make sure questions and answers are easily accessible to any future users that go through each thread, so thank you for understanding!


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