Subitem dependency

I’ve looked at the FAQ and don’t see my question. I have attempted to set up dependency on sub-tasks/subitems but they aren’t working. What I did was make sure each Main task had a subtask and then I set the dependency from main task 1/subtask to main task2 subtask1. I set up the timeline not to start until other finished so I can auto update my subitem dates. But when I test (change the subtask in main 1 to a week later) my main task 2 subitem 1 stays the same.


I’m looking for the same function for subitems and noticed that nothing has changed for a month around this. Can someone from Monday give us an update on this?

Edit: I noticed in the subitem feature release schedule there is no mention of subitem dependencies (unless I’m missing it). However, this is a critical need for subitems to be at all useful within project plans…

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