Subitem in "My Week" - Do not see to which main element it belongs to

Hi Community :grinning:

We have a board where all projects are listed. Each project has subitems which represent tasks and are assigned to a person with the Deadline function. These subitems now appear in the “My Week” overview. But now I have no chance to see to which main item (project) the subitem belongs. The only way we have found so far is to click on the update icon. Then you get directly to the project board and see where it is attached. However, on the “my week” overview it is impossible to see the link.

Sub-items are far from optimal as many apps don’t recognise them (yet). Apparently Monday devs are working to make them act as normal items, but so far that is not the case. I had started using a lot of sub-items in my boards, but in the meantime I have heard from more experienced users that if you want to make calculations, use apps, automations & dashboards that it is better to stick to the main items. Another experienced user said sub-items are good if you don’t plan to use them except as ways of breaking down the main item for more clarity. I think the problem you are having has to do with the fact that sub-items are not being processed in the same way as their parent item.