Subitem Limit Argument

Hi team!

I’m wondering if you are working on allowing limits on subitems in a nested query. I’d like to retrieve all the vital information needed for additional queries from just the main board’s ID, but since “subitems { }” retrieves all subitems I run into complexity issues. Here is my query:

let query = "query {boards (ids: " + boardID + “) {id name subscribers {id name} groups {id title} items_count items (limit: 1) {subitems {board {id name}}}}}”

I could retrieve the “subtasks” column and use a subitem ID there to query what’s needed, but since I need to limit the items for complexity issues, I can’t have any guarantee that any number of items I query will have subitems… or that the board will have any subitems at all even if the subitem column structure has been set up, so that’s not really a great option.

Is there another way to get the subitem board id from the main board? …or are you working on allowing nested query subitem arguments? …the best workaround I can think of (when there are no subitems) is to use a query to create a subitem, then another query to use that id to query the subitem board id, then another query to delete the created subitem, which I can do but it may confuse board users.


Hi @TheWes!

There is currently no workaround for getting the subitem board ID because this board is created upon creation of a subitem.

Thanks for your feedback. I’m not aware of a similar request to limit subitems, but I’m happy to send this suggestion to our development team!

Thanks @alessandra!

I mean in the situation where a subitem board has already been created (to have the column structure in place) yet no subitems exist because users haven’t entered any subitems yet (and the initial subitem used to create the subitem column structure has been deleted). At that point, since the board has been created, it would be nice to be able to get the ID of the subitem board without having to query any actual subitems as there are none.

API Documentation: Subitems: Arguments - says “If you query subitems as part of a Parent item, using the approach shown above, no arguments are currently supported.” (That’s where “limit” would be.) I’m just wondering if it’s in the plans at all to support arguments here.

Thanks again! :slight_smile: