Subitem mirror column that is mirroring a Text column lists duplicates

When mirroring a subitem column containing Text, the mirror column just spits out a comma-separated list of every single value, including duplicates. It would be nice if it could behave like a Dropdown or Tag mirror column and just list unique values. It could be added to the “Customize Mirror Column” options, similar to how we have options for Date and Number mirror columns.

We use a column to track the city of job sites. Some projects can have multiple sites in the same city. It’s silly to have a mirror column that says, for example, “New York, New York, New York, New York, New York, Las Vegas, Las Vegas” when it could just list each city once: “New York, Las Vegas”

I tried to make a Formula column to fix this, but it doesn’t seem possible with Monday’s formula selection.


Hi @coutland

Can’t you make a dropdown column out of the cities column in your subitems? Summary to parent for a subitem dropdown column will not show duplicates.

@basdebruin I suppose we could. We would end up with a thousand cities in the dropdown list after a year, though. Doesn’t seem optimal.


On the other hand… using a dropdown minimizes the risk that people are typing Pittsburg while the mean Pittsburgh :slight_smile: See: 1000+ Misspelled City Names - US City Misspellings

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