Subitem-only cards in Kanban View

+1 The lack of this feature makes Kanban useless for our board structure. My team keeps actionable tasks with statuses at the sub-task level meaning that there is no status to parse on main-level items and, even if there was, it would not be our preferred approach.

Great that this exists but it’s not what most of us need. We need the subitems to show as individual cards themselves (as well as the main task). Like they do in the calendar view.

At present, the only way I can make use of the Kanban screen is to have the project table full of the subitems and not nest them under the main item.

Hope that makes sense.

Also looking for this feature. I need the ability to see the subitems in a kanban view.

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It’s not a Kanban view but I’ve fund the next best thing is using the “My Work” section (link on the top left hand side menu). This at least shows all my items and subitems in a to-do list and it’s pretty easy to update the status from there.

Might be useful for others too.

The most frustrating part is that in Kanban you can’t even open the item card and access the sub items that way.

Hey Folks,

Super stoked to announce the beta of Multi board kanban view. Our team would really appreciate it if you could try it out and share your feedback. The beta version will be available until our app is listed on the marketplace.

This also shows subitems as separate cards ( as long as they have similar status labels )

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