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So say we have 8 things that normally have to be done when a person is onboarded. Sometimes more sometimes less.

I’d like a board where a row represents a person and subitems represent the tasks that need to be done.

Is there an easy way so that whenever I create a new person on the board, the 8 subitems are added below that person without copying from another row? Meaning making a series of subtasks the default for every new row?

Hi @mchinsky, just a fellow user here - But here’s something thing I’ve done that sounds like it could solve for your use case.
Use an automation like “when item is created > create subitems” and then write out each automated subitem you need. I believe you can build up to 16 subitems on an automation, so it should work for the example of 8 action items like you said.
And if you don’t want it to build the subitems for every single item on your board, you can add a qualifier like “when status changes to something > create these subitems”.
Let me know if that helps!!

Interesting thought, but as usual, they have alot of limitations:

  1. Once you create the automation, there is no way to add more ‘and then’, so if you don’t get it perfect the first time you are out of luck.
  2. You have to hard code the values in the subitems. There is no way to reference any fields from the Parent Item that I can tell. I would want to set a due date and have it copy to the subitems.

Yes! Due dates are definitely a limitation of subitem automations.


There is an extension you can use that allows you to set sub-item templates.

All you have to do install the extension and add it to the board you want, set you template and then just click add subitems for each parent row you want it in.

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Interesting, do you know what the extension is called?




Yep that’s the one I have used. Subitem Templates. You can find it in the Apps section of

That’s excellent. Thanks @tegan.owen and @mchinsky

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For anyone that might be interested, my latest video outlines another possibility for using templates for subitems: POWERFUL Item/Subitem Templates with Integromat - YouTube

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Seems like Subitem templates isn’t working anymore or having some kind of outage right now.