Subitem webhook events Create, Update, Delete and Archive

Working on an app that needs to be triggered on Create, Update and Delete a subitem. The Create and Update event payload does contain the parentItemBoardId and parentItemId, However, the subitem_deleted and subitem_archived webhooks do not send the parentItemBoardId and parentItemId in the payload.

Is there a reason for this inconsistency and will it be changed in the near future?

Hello @basdebruin!

I see what you say regarding this.

I will share this with the API team so that they can take a look into it and will update this in the changelog if it is changed.


Bumping the thread, and would like to add that automations for this is a must as well.

P.S: Archive subitem should be an option as well as CRUD

sorry folks, apparently this is in the automations

when the trigger for this is a subitem column it will archive the subitem, not the item.

I’m leaving this up because nothing came up on google for keywords “archiving subitems”