SubItems and applications


Do you know when it will be possible with monday to set up applications on the sub-elements? (use of a trigger…)

I have important needs and I’m stuck on it, having visibility is better :wink:

Hi @YannD!

Do you mind saying a bit more about the application that you’re hoping to utilize subitems with? Are you referring to one of our built-in triggers?

I do believe you’re able to build a custom webhook based off of actions completed on the subitem board. However, our built-in triggers and our webhook integration recipes do not support them at this time.

Hi @Helen

It’s just to know when the integrated triggers function will be available for the applications on the sub elements

I have actually a webhooks to know the changes on the sub elements

After :

How to put it back on its “pending” status for the next request?

Hi @YannD,

That makes sense. I totally understand where you’re coming from.

At this time, I don’t believe we have a firm timeline in mind of when this feature is going to be released, however I’m happy to submit your feedback for our team’s review!

Regarding your other question, it sounds like you’re looking to poll your Subitem board every “X” minutes to look for changes right? If so, I believe there may be a module in Integromat that will allow you to run this scenario on a continuous, timed basis!

I second @YannD about triggering webhooks from subitems. even though the workaround works for watching the subitem board.

Thanks @Helen !

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@timlittletech @Helen
I had simply forgotten to set my scenario to ON :upside_down_face:

I need to rest :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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@YannD @timlittletech

I thought you might find this release relevant, as now sub-item events can fire a webhook :slight_smile:

[RELEASED] New webhook types for sub-item events!



@AlexSavchuk yes, I just saw that the other day. looking forward to putting that to use!

Thanks for the update!

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