Subitems as Sales Activities - Need for Graph/Dashboard Capabilities

Hi there. So far has been exactly what we need as an organization. We’re merging all of our sales/CRM functions to the platform, and are able to tweak and customize as we go.

This being said… we are looking for a way to track sales activities such as Phone Call, Email, Sent Message, etc. This metrics are important to gauge our sales team’s productivity. The subitems feature looks like a great way to do this, but without being able to visualize the subitems in a graph view or dashboard, it doesn’t provide us the necessary insights.

Is this something already available, and if not, do you have a projected launch date?

Thanks for all the great support -


Hey we do this by creating a linked actions board rather than using subitems. It works well.

To do this…

  1. Create a new Actions board with columns like Person, Due Date, Status, Action type
  2. Create a Link to item column on your main CRM board. Then mirror the other columns from the Actions board.
  3. Create a dashboard and use the data from the Actions board to create some kickass charts.