Subitems in App framework

Is there a way to trigger a recipe in the App framework when an subitem is created?

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Hey again @jeromeskiply :wave:

That’s another good one :slight_smile: It should be possible by using custom triggers and webhooks for the sub-item board. As you can only add recipes on the board level, you’d have to create a custom integration recipe that would watch for new sub-items and then connect the actions from there. Does that make sense?

Basically, yes, but with a bit of a twist.


Hi Alex,
Thanks for your help!
I think I understand (it is late, my brain is slow). I will try this next week.


Awesome, I’m glad that sounds like it could work :slight_smile:

Perhaps this awesome post by @basdebruin might help you out in your journey:

Let me know if you’re able to get this to work. Keeping my fingers crossed :star: :crossed_fingers:


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