Subitems summary in mobile app to work like subitems in desktop app


It would be very useful for the subitems summary to be shown the same way on mobile app and on desktop app (desktop app being the best way to see them).
Actually, on the desktop app, you can mirror summaries of subitems if these summaries are already present in the mirrored item. The great point is that if you have more than one subitem, you can click on the status you want to change and a list of subitems appears.
You can then select the subitem you want to modify and it pops up in a window. This is very clear and it works fine.
On the mobile app, things are quite different. You can see the summary of the subitem, but when you want to change the status of 1 subitem among many, the app displays only the different statuses

It is impossible to change the status of only one subitems as you have no idea which subitem is being selected.
It would be very helpful if the mobile app could work like the desktop app and show the list of subitems.