Subitems to Reference Parent Item Name

This is an issue for our team across pretty much all aspects of subitems. When we are working 60+ real estate contracts at a time and assigning tasks/subitems to people, they need to be able to see which property/parent item name the notification is coming from. It is not practical to expect someone to click into the link and open Monday just to find out, we just don’t have time for it.

Below is a test/example of what “My Week” would look like with just a fraction of the actual tasks assigned and also how it comes through on my daily highlights.

This issue persists when we want to communicate within a subitem. We have to reference the parent item name at the beginning of our message so that the notification includes it when it sends out. As we grow larger there is just no way to function with how it currently is.

This is an issue for everything … it looks like paren item board and subitem board are different and not related, because the parent item name never its shown on top of the subitem name.
We need this fixed too…

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Agreed, it’s cumbersome at best to navigate back to the parent item to see what, or in our case what deal, the subitem pertains to. On the mobile it is even harder…

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There are multiple suggestions open about this very topic that all have 5+ votes. I think this should be prioritized as an item because it’s crippling the usefulness of the “My Week” summary.


+1 this is definitely needed to improve the usefulness of subitems. Right now the subitem does not get any “context” of the parent item, really the context is the whole purpose of using a subitem.

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Any updates here? I don’t see anything like this on the sub-items road map and it’s crazy to me to think it’s not being worked on. What about notifications from updates with sub-items? Not receiving an item name attached to the notification makes them useless for us.

I have the same problem