Subitems under Subitems (further subitem hierarchy)

I desperately need the sub-subitems feature as well!

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I thought this was an error on my part when I couldn’t find the next level of a subitem. Literally asking for 2-3 levels down. Surprised we have to ask in software that’s competing with other PM software. Any update on the date? This feature along will STOP the roll-out to 200+ users over the next year. And require me to find something else.


I have heard it will not be on the roadmap of 2024

Hi, so this is research phase only? Meaning about 6-9 months… is that fair estimate? Need to know if I’m rolling this out to the company or staying with Project online.

1 Like team, can you confirm the year?

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Another vote here…no-brainer functionality that every user is gonna need.


Has subitems for subitems been released yet?

This is a BIG NEED for most people used to using complex CRM programs. Please advise if this is actually available. Thanks!

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Hi there, 100% agree. Currently using unlimited subitems application however it doesn’t seem to integrate into Gantt charts or dashboards.
Is this feature in development and does anyone have any ideas for using subitems entered in the unlimited subitems app being included in dashboard reporting and Gantt charts?
Thank you


Very obvious need here. PM using ADO for the dev team. Would love to align my ADO board with Monday, but you can’t with only 1 level of subitems. Project>Epic>Feature>Story>Tasks/Defects/Test cases. They don’t need to align exact, but right now I have to use groups = feature, item = story, subitem = task. I end up littering my boards with groups and don’t get an accurate depiction of the project in my Gantt. Anyone have work around ideas?

BTW, I’d like to do this with the ADO integration, NOTE these are NOT included with the Pro licensing, as it appears below. Integrations are “available”, BUT for additional fees. I had to find out the hard way that this integration costs twice as much as Monday itself.

What does long-term roadmap mean? It has been more than 2 years that this BASIC feature functionality has been requested by the community and no ETA yet.