Subitems under Subitems! = Sub-subitems

Moving over from Asana here. We need sub items within sub items!

Some tasks are very complex, and it would be nice to view without having to switch boards.
Ex: Phase 1

hey @kmin welcome to the community!

there are a couple work arounds to this that I’ve used

  1. there is a handy checklist featuer in the updates section which allows for checklist on subitems - no automations are tied to this, but in general this is very helpful feature.
  2. the other option I’ve done here is a connect boards column on subitems. This essentially creates the sub-subitems, but requires an extra click or two to get into the details of the connceted board.
    But if you add the ‘Item Card’ view to subitems you can see all the connected items in the item card.

Again not exactly what you are looking for, BUT I would argue if the above 2 solutions don’t work for you, and you still really want ‘sub-subitems’ that it may be better to create a separate board entirely for your project etc…

hope that helps :smiley:

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Hey @timlittletech thanks for your help!

  1. I’ll definitely keep in mind the checklist idea, though it has its limitations, maybe it will work! :pray:

Could you explain the checklist feature? I can’t find it.

Hey @Birrgit here is the monday article on checklist feature:


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