Subscribe or Mention Users

Anyone know how to subscribe users to a pulse item or mentione a user to know that new pulse was created.
I tried create_notification and it notificate on monday but don’t send a notification email ( i have been activated the preferences email notifications).

Thank you !

Hey Borja! To subscribe someone to an item, you’ve got a couple of options:

  1. Assign the user to the item using a People column.
  2. Send them a notification via the API.
  3. Send them a notification using Automations – the recipe “When an item is created, notify {user}”.

HI @BorjaCorrea -

When you assign someone to a people column, it already subscribes them to the pulse, so I think you are trying to subscribe them without having them already assigned, yes?

Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to hardcode that in an automation as follows:

It’s encouraged that in the someone field, that you use Subscribers > Board Subscribers, so you don’t have to truly hardcode, but you can hardcode to a specific person using this, without any people fields already populated on the pulse (because it’s new).

I did JUST test this with a second user account (hard-coded in the automation - by name) and the notification setting “Notifies me via automations” is selected as it should be on the user profile. The notification does fire to my second (testing) account, but it takes a few minutes.

Hope this info helps you, if not… I recommend putting a support case in with Monday, they are super helpful!

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