Subscribe to multiple items

Would be great to have the possibility to subscribe to multiple items on a board without having to actually do this process one by one.

hi @Tai_Freitas

I don’t fully get it. What do you mean by subscribe, is that assigning a user to an item by putting the user in a people column?

Hey @basdebruin !

Nope, actually my doubt is about the subscription when you open an item. It appears on the top right corner. As this picture here. I have to assign line by line, is there any option to subscribe to multiple items?

Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 6.39.11 PM

hi @Tai_Freitas

I have a slightly different detail item view and don’t have what you have in the purple box. In general, when you want to modify multiple items in one go you can select the items (point just left of the item) and make the wanted change. For instance: change the owners column.