Subscribe to specific status value change by API

In here we’re trying to build custom (and dynamic) webhook subscription for an automation use-case.

The question is simple : through the interface, I’m able to subscribe to

  • A specific column “Any value change”

  • A specific status-column “Specific value change”

I can successfully replicate the former (“Any value”) by API with the change_specific_column_value on create_webhook mutation.

I can’t find anywhere a way to replicate the last (“Specific value”) by API…

Is this even possible ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

HI @Cyril

See also Webhook event type change_specific_column_value

Hey @basdebruin, thanks.

I’m very aware of your post there (which is basically the only available documentation for the change_specific_column_value event on the web) and helped me for this event.

Though, as specified I’m looking for another event I guess

hi @Cyril
Oops, I misread your question. You want to specify the actual status value. Unfortunately this is not documented (or I can’t find it).

hi @Cyril
Just to let you know. I had a discussion some time ago with monday developers about specific vs generic webhooks. There is no noticeable performance impact between these two scenarios:

  • Use a generic webhook (or a webhook for just one column) and inspect the event in your code
  • Use a specific webhook that only fires on specific value

So that is why I use more generic webhooks and inspect the event in code. The advantage is that you have access to current value and perivious value in the event.

Hey @Cyril - at this time we do not have a specific query for the actual status value. I’ve gone ahead and passed it over to our team internally as a feature request.


There is no noticeable performance impact between these two scenarios:

Yeah, but there is a huge noticeable cost impact; as webhooks triggering is considered an “action” by Monday, limited to 25k/month in Pro plan…

But good point, this is what I’d do if that was free.

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