Subscriber feature


I currently run a process which involves heavily on 2/3 departments and not all are members of our login. I have created a shared board with them and sent them all a link so they are able to check up on the progress on items/orders, however I believe a cool feature would be a subscribe option. users would be able to subscribe from the link to receive updates/notifications via email, or through a desktop notification, when a status changes, or as per an preset automation.

Is this already possible or what are your thoughts?

Hey @Matt264 - interesting idea! Would you mind confirming how you shared the link for your board? Did you add these people as guests or did you create a shared view?

We currently have a subscribe option, but it is only available for guests, users, and viewers within your account. Perhaps you could set up an email integration to notify the individuals based on certain actions on your board. Here are a few options (these are available for Outlook as well):

What do you think?