Subscribing to multiple webhook events with a single request?


I can not find in the documentation that there is a support subscribing to multiple webhook events. So is this something that is supported?

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I am not sure I understand the use case here.

What do you want to achieve? What is the use case?

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Well, I do want to subscribe to multiple webhook events (created item/updated item). I would like to avoid doing two requests to achieve this and instead to do a single request with a parameter that would indicate that I want to subscribe to those two events. Is this possible?

Hello again @sanel,

If I understand correctly, you want to create 2 webhooks in a board using the API, and do so with only one request.

You can do that with a mutation like this one:

mutation {
  createWebhookOne: create_webhook(board_id: 1234567890, url: "", event: create_item) {
  createWebhookTwo: create_webhook(board_id: 1234567890, url: "", event: change_specific_column_value, config: "{\"columnId\": \"status\"}") {

Was this what you were looking for?


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