SubTasks - Calculating the earliest start date

I have a use case where I am using sub-tasks to track progress of specific activities and then roll this up into the main task.

Each sub-task has a Start Date/End Date that we enter.

At the task level, I want to be able to identify the ‘earliest start date’ (i.e. when did the first sub-task commence).

To this, I then want to add a specific estimate (which is a number field at a Task level - e.g. 7 days) - to then calculate an ‘Expected Due Date’.

I can see on the Sub-Task you can right click to select an option to report this at a task level, but it will give you a range of dates based on the different dates the sub-tasks show. From this, i want to use a formula to calculate the earliest start date.

I tried using a column at the Task level to assign a Function and use the MIN function, but this doesn’t seem to return a valid value.

Has anyone got a similar use case they can provide some guidance from or suggest an alternative approach ?


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Hey @steveclarkeSQ, good question and thanks for posting!!

Have you thought about using the timeline in the subitems? Then you could show the timeline summary in the parent item, and in that summary the first date in the timeline would be the earliest start date.

What do you think? Would that help move in the right direction?