Suggestion for the iOS team

Hey all,

More and more I start using the My week section and I really think it is a perfect overview for your own items and items for others that you can monitor and view.

Also, when I am going through my items on the mobile app (iOS) in the My week section I find myself looking for a place to enter a new task here. A quick add-item so to say, like the one you have on a board view (on the image)

After clicking the button it could open a box which asks for the board and group to enter the item. This saves manually looking up the board and group to be able to enter a new item, like



I’ll take it on the Android App too :rofl:


Thank you for the suggestion, @Eltjo! I will definitely make sure to pass this along to our Mobile team! I think it is a great suggestion :slight_smile:


Oh yes please! Having a “quick create” button is tremendously helpful. That’s one of the main reasons why I love Evernote so much on mobile. It’s just so easy to quick save an idea no matter where I am :slight_smile:

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